Thursday, January 9, 2014

Download And Install uGet 1.8.0 (Stable) For Linux Ubuntu 12.04

uGet 1.8.0 (Stable) For Linux Ubuntu

uGet is an GTK+3 Open Source app for GNU/Linux.
uGet is also a portable app for Windows (XP+).

I am use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

1.  Open terminal Ubuntu and copy-paste this command.
 sudo apt-get install uget

Terminal Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

2.  After have done, open Mozilla Firefox to integration with uGet.
Click tools ==>  Add-Ons  ==> Search Flashgot Mass Downloader
Or you can to follow this link to install Flashgot

Mozzila Firefox Flashgot Mass Downloader

3.  On Flashgot click Preferences ==> General ==>  Download Manager ==> Choice uGet and click Ok.

Flashgot For Mozilla Firefox

4.  uGet for Download

uGet 1.8.0 (Stable) For Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

You can setting uGet appropriate your wish.

To read more describe of uGet you can visit this link  
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